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The play centres on the lives of the Esposito family, who are trying to come to terms with the disappearance of their youngest family member Jonah. In their desperate search for answers the family have created an alternative daily existence, where all of life's incidents become mystically linked.

The play is set in post-industrial South Wales and examines the lives of ordinary people coming to terms with the loss of community, livelihood and their place in society. The play touches on the issues that concern our changing industrial landscape, where an explosion in the steel works can trigger changes in the fortunes and identity of a town.

This play is published by Sherman Cymru (Sgriptcymru) and the Welsh Book Council.

And is available from Sherman Cymru, Senghennydd Rd  Cardiff, South Glamorgan CF24 4YE
029 2064 6900

or on

Gull by Michael Waters
Gull – Alex Beckett
Mal – Matthew Bulgo
Grace -Catherine Morris
Mother – Marylin Darby
Goldie – John North
Girl/Barmaid – Lowri Sallis Lewis

Directed by - Michael Waters & Nikki Neale
Designer – Hillary Statts
Lighting Design – Mark Satchel
Video Projection – Ruairi Mclaren

Stella Time
A sharp new comedy that gives us an insight into the hopes, fears and aspirations of Twentieth Century man coming to terms with Twenty First Century attitudes.

Alun has been waiting for this night for as long as he can remember. Keith isn't sure what to expect and the laughing and the aftershave frighten him to death. Vince knows how it will all turn out - he has left nothing to chance. Ed will be happy if he can get through the night without having to explain everything. Follow the four men as they remember how they arrived at these times. Some things just happen to you, some things you want to forget and some things we still dream about…

…there are good times, there are bad times but tonight can only be one time! Its Stella time.

Stellatime –  by Michael Waters
Vince – David Rees Talbot
Alun – Matthew Bulgo
Kieth – Lee Mengo
Eddy – Simon Neehan

Director – Michael Waters
Movement – Nikki Neale
Costume – Jo Allison
Lighting Design – Mark Satchel

St Abdul's Picturedrome
Can you remember when this was something else?
What's a building anyway? Did you want to get married? Are the films really as good as they used to be? Did we really promise to look after each other for ever? In here? Where are the desperate souls sharing their silence? Are you hungry? Drink more first. Drink much more first. Hottest thing on the menu please!

Antic Corporation's new play commissioned by Swansea Fringe Festival takes us inside the walls of a city church that closed when the people stopped attending. It became a cinema, but that didn't work so it became a cinema for adults only.

Some people came back, but not enough.  Now it is going to be an Indian Resteraunt and the last meeting place for some of the building's ghosts.

St Abdul’s Picturedrome
Written and Directed by Michael Waters
Tammy – Catherine Morris
Gills – Craig Russell
John – Peter Richards
Video Projection  - Aimee Tim

The Secret of Belonging
Incubator Project -  Wales Millennium Centre
Antic were selected as one of two theatre companies to launch the inaugural Incubator Project initiated and supported by the Wales Millennium Centre.

The play was developed with the support of the Arts Council of Wales and the Josef Herman Foundation.

This development project resulted in a workshop performance of a new play at the Weston Studio at the Wales Millennium Centre.  The Company went on to develop the play for a Welsh tour.

The Secret of Belonging by Michael Waters
Josef Herman - Michael Geary
The Women - Crisian Emmanuel
The Man - Matthew Bulgo

Directors - Michael Waters & Nikki Neale
Designer - Hillary Statts
Lighting Design - Mark Satchel
Video Projection - Aimee Timm


The Secret of Belonging - Welsh Tour
The Secret of Belonging explores the life of Josef Herman known in Ystradgynlais as"Jo Bach".  It tells the tale of an outwardly gregarious man, a lover of good conversation, an inspirational teacher who found his spiritual home in Wales.
"I stayed here because I found ALL I required.  I arrived as a stranger for a fortnight - the fortnight became eleven years."

Based on the true facts of Herman's life, The Secret of Belonging explores the quest for inspiration, the struggle to find a style and the search for a home.  In Michael Waters’ new play, this intimate story is filled with warmth, laughter and poignancy. It depicts an artist at work, in anguish and at peace, as Herman finds in the small community, his muse - the Welsh Miner. 
They became his fascination, his focus and his universal metaphor for the "working man".
The Secret of Belonging by Michael Waters

Josef Herman – Phyl Harries
Catriona – Satcey Daly
Will – Joshua McCord
Peggy – Llinos Daniels
Girl 1 – Samantha Partner
Girl 2 - Jessica Partner

Music composed and performed by Andy Jones

Directors – Michael Waters & Nikki Neale
Design – Holly McCarthy
Lighting Design – Mark Satchell
Video Projection – Sean Vickery
Stage Manager – Ashley Hooke
ASM – Sarah Morgan


Daddy’s Girl
Daddy’s Girl was a project funded by ACW Research and Development grant as Antic continue to identify new ways of creating theatre.  For this project the company approached Paul Clements to lead the directors through a condensed version of Mike Leigh’s improvisatory led process for creating new writing for performance and film.

The company worked on location in a council house in Townhill, Swansea creating the first draft of a new play called Daddy’s Girl.  This play will go into further development later in 2014.

Jeff   Jams Thomas
Phil    Richard Shackley
Gabby Sophie Morgan

Director   Paul Clements
Writer       Michael Waters
Production Assistant  Hannah Bowen

Ugly Lovely Swansea – BBC Poets on the Estate
Antic were commissioned by independent television company Wales and Co and the BBC to facilitate a project led by Benjamin Zephaniah exploring the relevance of the work of Dylan Thomas for the twenty first century. The project was based in the Townhill area of Swansea and proved to be both challenging and fulfilling as it united generations in the process of creating a new piece of theatre based on Under MilkWood. The whole project was filmed as part of the BBC’s Dylan 100 series and was broadcast in May 2014.

Watch it here.